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I’m a mobile consultant and entrepreneur (applications for iPhone and iPad) with some of the most unique, well-made applications currently for sale in the AppStore.  Originally from Italy but currently based in San Francisco, I am passionate about new ideas and original content.

In addition to creating my own apps, I work frequently with companies who commission me to create custom applications or improve existing ones.

In particular, I’m a problem solver. I enjoy working with my clients to find ways to streamline everyday processes and provide needed services to employees or mobile users. I’m well-versed in PhoneGap multi-platform development, have full experience with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript and am an advanced user of AJAX techniques.  I use custom frameworks that keep my projects lightweight and offer thorough debug assistance and performance analysis to keep apps running smoothly.

Here you can browse a collection of my personal iPhone applications. Please contact me if you’d like to explore making a custom app, or if you’re interested in seeing some of the apps I’ve made for various companies.


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