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App Store Optimization keyword volume estimator

When it comes to App Store optimization keyword research, there are many techniques that can be leveraged to have the best results. The first step is always finding out the best keywords for you mobile app and hopefully this is quite straightforward for you. The tricky part, however, is usually when you need assess which […]

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App Store Optimization Service

What is ASO App Store Optimization is the means to enhance App Store ranking and improve conversions. This is done by optimizing all the elements that are taken into account by the ranking algorithm to place your app at the top. If you want to know more about ASO you can read this. If you: […]

App Store Optimization Keywords (ASO)

As we mentioned in the main App Store Optimization article, there are many elements that are taken into consideration when putting together and App Store Optimization plan. However, App Store Optimization Keywords are surely the most important since they factor in much more than any other aspect of the metadata and media associated with your mobile application. App […]

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Top 8 App Store Optimization questions answered

-aka the ASO Ranking Myth Buster

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App Store Optimization (ASO) – How to enhance your AppStore presence

Many people think that after you commissioned your app to a developer and discussed all points you can sit back and relax and wait for it to be done. This will not be true for two main reason. First, a good developer will keep communication open; not only to keep you involved but also because […]

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AppStore Optimization (ASO) – The Complete Guide to Enhancing Downloads & Sales (SEO for Apps)

The following is the most update way to optimize your app for the Apple AppStore. App Name – use descriptive app name which includes (additional) keywords – make sure to use url-safe characters App Keywords – 99 characters maximum – don’t repeat app name – choose keywords where you can rank high – avoid category […]

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Phonegap app store approval

There have recently been some grumblings from the development community that Apple has rejected their PhoneGap apps for not being “native enough”. By itself, this rejection isn’t that surprising. Apple has strict rules and guidelines on what they will and will not accept into the App Store. What did surprise me is that people were […]

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iOS7 mobile app marketing implications

iOS7 has been announced at Apple’s WWDC in San Francisco the past June. For anyone in the mobile world this is a big deal and must make sure to be aware of changes and updates in order to fully take advantage of all opportunities.

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Mobile application download tracking solutions

For marketers responsible for promoting mobile apps, ad tracking has become a mission critical component of most app marketing programs. By being able to attribute downloads, and post-download events like in-app purchases, to the marketing source, marketers are realizing a powerful way to gain insights that drive business and deliver outstanding ROI.

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Mobile Application Marketing Plan Template

1. App name 2. Platforms (iOS, Android, etc.) 3. Marketing goals (Rank, organic users, downloads, cost-per-download, loyal users, revenue, other)

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