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App Store Optimization (ASO) – How to enhance your AppStore presence

Many people think that after you commissioned your app to a developer and discussed all points you can sit back and relax and wait for it to be done.

This will not be true for two main reason. First, a good developer will keep communication open; not only to keep you involved but also because there are always many small details that haven’t been addressed previously. Second, you need to prepare your page on the App Store, perhaps one of the most important things that will strongly influence your app’s success: App Store Optimization.

The way I like to do this is to first fill out everything, without spending days figuring out the perfect copy. This will make it easier to see it as a whole and stay focused. This is helpful also when you plan including inapp purchase, game center or other services. You will need to have an app created in iTunes Connect in order to be able and implement them.

App Store Optimization is a never ending process. Your ranking and visibility in the App Store depends both on your own metadata and your competitors’. They will always try to get ahead of you so you will need to do the same.

With every update of your app, it is a good idea to “freshen up” your details.

app store optimisation

These are some good questions/tips about App Store Optimization to get you on track:


  • should I change the icon (to emulate or stand out from competition)
  • how about keeping the same layout but changing colour-scheme
  • does the icon convey what the app is about?
  • how does my icon compare when surrounded by other apps?


  • is the title clear
  • is it taking advantage of long tail keywords
  • does it describe the app’s functionality
  • can it be more engaging


  • easy it cluttered or easy to read?
  • does it include social proof?
  • does it describe common uses and answers to past negative reviews?
  • is it engaging?
  • does it include a call to action


  • is the first one the best?
  • should I add text to them (more like advertisement)
  • does it showoff the best feature?
  • do they fit well with the icon?
  • do they reflect the update’s new features?


  • how do people search for my app (descriptive or brand name)
  • what keywords do competitors use?
  • are there any new keywords to include?
  • are you using all the characters available (avoid plural and spaces)?


  • did I pick the most appropriate one?
  • could I rank better in a different one (lower competition)?
  • are my competitors in the same categories?

The above is usually a good start to enhance your App Store listing. After you do it a few times it will be automatic.

Once you reach that point, you will certainly be interested in trying out different combinations and techniques to see what works best for your App Store Optimization. In order to asses success, you need to keep track of ranking over time. You can certainly do it on your own but new companies specialising in this have been popping up. The element they focus on mostly is keywords since they allow easy tracking.

If you’re interested, you should check out SearchManSEO, AppNique or MobileDevHQ. They all provide tools to compare your app to competitors, estimate potential and suggest new/better keywords. I tried them all and have my opinion, did you? What do you think?


App Store Optimization (ASO) - How to enhance your AppStore presence by
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