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ASO & marketing roadmap for mobile applications

Buzz and prelaunchMobile Application ASO & Marketing Roadmap

Step 1: Know Your Audience
Step 2: Analyze Your Competition

Step 3: Identify Your App’s Unique Value

Step 4: Name Your App

Step 5: Design Your Logo

Step 6: Design Your App Icon

Step 7: Develop Your Keyword Strategy

Step 8: Price Your App

Step 9: Create Your App Description

Step 10: Choose Your Screenshots

Step 11: Choose Your App Category

Step 12: Design Your Landing Page

Step 13: Film Your Demo Video

Step 14: Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Video

Step 15: Develop Your Media Plan

Step 16: Write Your Press Release

Step 17: Set Up Your Social Media Sites

Step 18: Get Pre-Launch Feedback

Step 19: Participate in Forum Conversations

Step 20: Build a Customer Database

Step 21: Have a Launch Party


Post launch marketing

Step 1: Define and Track Success

Step 2: Aim for Superior Customer Support

Step 3: Build an Engagement Strategy

Step 4: Send a Post-Launch Press Release

Step 5: Get Reviews from Review Sites & Blogs

Step 6: Announce Your Launch on Forums

Step 7: Boost Interest with Special Promotions

Step 8 : Drive Sales through Social Media

Step 9: Cross- and Co-Promote Your App

Step 10: Blog Your Way to Profits

Step 11: Develop Your Advertising Strategy

Step 12: Decide on an Optimum Advertising Mix

Option 1: Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising

Option 2: Mobile Advertising

Option 3: Social Media Advertising

Option 4: Banner Advertising

Option 5: Magazine Advertising

Step 13: Encourage Customers to Post Reviews

Step 14: Go Global


App Store page

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself with the Market

Step 2: Prepare Your Content

Step 3: Optimize Your Promo Page

Step 4: Don’t Forget the Little Things


App Landing page

Step 1: Build Your Landing Page

Step 2: Organize Your Landing Page

Step 3: Write Copy for Your Landing Page

Step 4: Optimize Your Landing Page

Step 5: Draw Inspiration from Competitors

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