Services (Save them in the your_user_name/Library/Services folder)

Compression This useful service will allow you to easily change the compression of a JPG image file. Just right click on the photo (or selection) and select this service. A pop up will open asking for the quality/compression level, confirm and it's done. This script will not create copies therefore if you wish to keep the original remember to duplicate in advance (otherwise modifying the script to do son on its own is easy...

Get all Images This service will simply get all the images on a webpage. When it's run it will let you choose if you wish to download the images that are present on the webpage that is open the ones that are linked from it. After this it will also prompt for the folder where they have to be placed.

Import to iPhoto When I copy images from my camera to the laptop I like to first play around with them (resize, crop, adjust etc) and then import them to iPhoto (I use Photoshop so will add them to my library only after retouching etc). This will simply add the photo or selection of photos to your iPhoto Library.

Import to Itunes Same as above but with music files into iTunes.

Open in New Tab Many times I noticed that depending on how a link is formatted in Safari it will either recognize it as such or not or it is just plain text but also a website. For those times that it fails, you can just select the text (that normally you would have to copy and paste in a new browser window) you wish to browse, right click, select the script and it will go to it in a new tab. Ver handy when researhcing and you don't want to lose time with intermediate steps or the point where you're at.

Resize Image Personally, I like to take pictures with my camera with the highest picture quality (10Mpixels) so that later I know I'm not missing anything (in case I want to zoom, adjust, crop etc, the more pixels of info you have the better it is). However, sometimes it is just not worth having images over 3MB in your library, they just slowdown and eat diskspace. For this reason, once I have the images I want you just right click on it (or a group), select the service and it will prompt for the resolution. Aspect ratio is maintained therefore if you insert 1800 the final result could be 1800 by anything depending on the original format. FIY I usually keep the pictures in my library in a 1600 by whatever format which turns into a 300-400Kb image.

Wikipedia Wikipedia has such a vast array of info that I often find it curious and interesting to find out what it says about something I'm reading. Other times, you just don't know what something is and you want to research it. For this reason I created this script. Just select text from any program (pages, safari, finder etc) and it will open Safari (or a new tab is already open) and go to the wikipedia page of the term or terms you selected.

Rename with Date Often I take screenshots of my desktop or a certain window. Obviously our macs are great for doing this, don't see any way that could be easier. However, I then place them in one same fodler all together. Depending on the type of snapshot you make, sometimes the date and time is appended and other times it's not. In these cases, you simply select all the pictures that need "tweaking", right click and then the current date will be added to the end of the filename.
This is perfect for storing things and keeping them organized and you can apply it to pretty much anything!

For any help with these scripts or having custom ones
just get in touch: giacomoballi @