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10 Excellent iPad Apps You Should Download Right Now

1. AudioNote

Taking notes at a meeting, meet-up or conference? AudioNote lets you link audio recordings to the notes you keep along the way. Later, select a place in your typed notes and the recording from that moment will play. The app also works with a stylus, so you can also link recordings to free-hand notes and drawings.

Price: $4.99


2. Photoshop Express

This free app brings you the primary features of Photoshop without the double-digit expense.

Price: FREE

3. Sketchbook Pro

When it comes to your own artistic expression, Sketchbook drawing and painting tool provides you with a myriad of pencils, pens, markers, brushes and effects. You can upload what you make directly to a variety of social media platforms. Completely compatible with any iPad stylus, the small price tag equates to big-time flexibility and results.

Price: $2.99

4. Epicurious

Epicurious will become your go-to cookbook — it features hundreds of recipes to inspire your culinary mind and instant shopping lists that sync with other devices (such as your smartphone).

Price: FREE

5. Wikipanion

No need to access your browser for those mid-sentence references anymore. Wikipanion taps the Wikipedia database in a fresh, clean, app-based environment.

Price: FREE

6. Jasmine

If you're feeling frustrated about YouTube's disappearance on the newest iOS, check out Jasmine. It'll fill in all the viewing and list-making holes, plus give you parental controls and AirPlay compatibility.

Price: FREE

7. Star Walk

What could be cooler than this? Simply hold your iPad overhead, and the app works with the on-board camera to show you the visible (and even invisible) constellations on the screen. If you're like us, you'll show this one off at your next group gathering.

Price: $2.99

8. White Noise Pro

Traveling to a new environment? Dealing with a noisy neighbor back at home? WhiteNoisePro provides a catalog of gentle, sound-masking ambience, from nature recordings to, well, white noise.

Price: $2.99

9. MindNode

MindNode helps organize your creative life, your daily tasks and every other kind of brainstorming you might perform. Create a visual, bird's-eye view of every project, connect ideas and see things in a fresh light on this endlessly expanding canvas.

Price: $9.99

10. AppShopper

One of the coolest new iPad apps is a tool to help you buy iPad apps. AppShopper organizes wish lists and tracks prices. You get a push notice with every sale, so you can make your move.

Price: FREE

via Mashable.

Published: Fri, 23 Nov 2012 22:13:23 +0000