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How much does an app cost?

Tips for not getting screwed (at an “app dealer”):

  • Learn to wireframe. It'll improve communications between your idea and the physical reality of that idea. It'll help yo think through problems easier. It makes handing off an idea/problem-solver to another party much easier.

  • Learn the difference between web / mobile web / iOS / Android and what the time behind each of those can take.

  • Learn what a designer can do and what a developer can do (bonus points: learn about what different devs can cover from the front-end to back-end spectrum).

  • Look for shops that approach fixing a problem as cutting things out first. That means they can efficiently help you solve X problem with Y dollars instead of trying to up-sell everything you don't need.

via DarwinApps • Q: "How much does an app cost?" A: "About as much as a car.".

Published: Sun, 25 Nov 2012 21:28:43 +0000