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HTML5 Developer Conference Slides


Unfortunately I wasn't able to speak this time due to prior engagements at #GMIC2013:

...but here are all the HTML5 Developer Conference slides that have been shared until now.

Gregor Aisch @driven_by_data
George McKinney @georgemck
Diane Bisgeier @tbiz
Sumit Amar @ChiefCoder
Miles McCrocklin @Milr0c
CJ Gammon @cjgammon
Andre Moreira @mourdok
∂ave arel @davearel
Demian Borba @demianborba
Pierre GIRAUD @pgira
Darcy Clarke @darcy
François Dussert @usul_
Cyril Concolato @cconcolato
jordan santell @jsantell
Christopher Chedeau @Vjeux
Jarrod Overson @jsoverson
Nick Desaulniers @LostOracle
Brenda Jin @cyberneticlove
Robert Nyman @robertnyman
Demian Borba @demianborba
Johan Sundström @ecmanaut
Rob Dodson @rob_dodson
Jeremy Lu @thecat
João Parreira @jtparreira
OZ @eugeniyoz
Travis Stone @trav_stone
Alan Stearns @alanstearns
Jen Kramer @jen4web
Onel Arrieta @BuhoConvoca
Ariya Hidayat @ariyahidayat
Divya Manian @divya
Alicia Liu @aliciatweet
Conrad Irwin @conradirwin
John Firebaugh @jfire
ryαηĵ @ryanj
Jonathan LeBlanc @jcleblanc
Poof Young @coding4kicks
TJ VanToll @tjvantoll
Cameron Lakenen @lakenen
Misko Hevery @mhevery
Sebastian @s_jespersen
Eric ☺ @SimpleAsCouldBe
Kyle @getify
Tony Parisi @auradeluxe

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Published: Wed, 23 Oct 2013 05:25:08 +0000