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iPhone App Ideas

Whenever I introduce myself to someone saying I'm an iOS developer, they immediately feel the urge to tell me they're amazing, never heard before, guaranteed money making iphone app ideas.
I don't mean to be cliché but, most of the times, they are not worth the time. (Not) surprisingly, these people are always looking to partner on their iphone app idea business and share revenue.
If you're truly convinced you have a solid iphone app idea, why wouldn't you pursue it and invest what's necessary to make 10x or 100x? As you'd say in Italy, you're cutting your own legs.

iphone-app-ideasI've talked extensively about why I will not "steal" other people's iphone app ideas (if there is such a thing), the reason is simple: ideas aren't worth anything alone, it's execution that counts.
In addition to that, I already have, literally, pages of iphone app ideas that I'd want to develop and put on the market, that I believe in but do not have time for meaning they'd take too long to pay back for the time they took away from other paid projects.

What surprised me, however, is that there are many threads on Quora or even entire websites, dedicated to providing and gathering iphone app ideas. I assume this means that people are looking for iphone app ideas and don't know what to build next?
I love solving problems with iphone apps. What I do was a passion way before it became a job. With all this in mind, I'm going to share some of my iphone app ideas that hopefully someone will like and be willing to put the effort to put them on the App Store.
Alternatively, you might see this as an investment opportunity and pay me to develop them (then they are yours, including generated revenue).

iPhone App Ideas

Tornados --> Guide to recognizing and info on tornados (land spout,wall cloud etc)
FlashMob --> Create, view and manage flashmobs organized by location
Clown --> Tricks of the trade, tips for make up, games, jokes
Afford it --> Tells you if you can afford to buy something and how long it will take to repay
How I feel --> Track how you feel every day and show a statistics and general assessments
Supercharged postcard --> Rich email with photo, map, address, timestamp and note
Meet Half Way --> Find the best point to meet between two locations
Same Flight --> See which FB friends will be on your same flights
Arrests --> List of latest arrests in different states and current inmate status
My 1-800 --> Easy to remember 1-800 style number generator
Ticket guide --> A guide to most common traffic violation in different countries
Log book --> Easily create logbook of trips with location, images, notes, timestamps etc
Recipe Box --> Save all the recipes you find (url, photo, tags)

These are just some of my iphone app ideas. Feel free to work on them or provide feedback.
Make sure you let me know if you do end up publishing any, I'd love to see!

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Published: Sat, 10 Aug 2013 17:14:25 +0000