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How to get paid at a startup company - A guide to salary, equity, shares, vesting, bonuses, payout etc

Entering startup world

TL;DR: salary depends on funding (could still be high), high demand for developers, take into account different scenarios, keep things in writing, cash bonuses are hard to get, selling shares is not so straightforward, learn startup jargon.

Working at a startup is not a normal job.

A part from all the differences in energy, dynamics and attitude, there is also a completely different financial world tied to it. If you're considering joining or starting your own, you should at least skim through this.

Here's the outline:


Seed-stage Companies




Starting Simple

How Much Equity

Equity Increase

Vesting Schedules

Trading Salary for Equity

Thoughts on Equity



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Published: Sat, 23 Feb 2013 18:39:12 +0000