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Siri commands, tips and tricks

siri-ios7Now that the frenzy of asking Siri for crazy things is fading, people seem to actually like the idea of voice commands. Obviously this is nothing, they've been around for a long time, but now they're much easier to "give". After trying the first Siri commands people come up with, many want to know more of them to see its true potential.

This post is a collection of the most common and useful Siri commands tips and tricks that you can use right now (if you device has Siri).

Obviously there are many more and this is in no way intended to be a catalogue. However, if you know of any Siri commands, tips or tricks not included that you particularly like or find useful, make sure to let me know.

Siri Commands for Phone

Call (name)
Call (name) home
Call (name) on his work phone
Call (number)
Call home
Call 911
Get my call history

Siri Commands for Facetime

Facetime (name)
Make Facetime audio call

Siri Commands for App Launching

Launch photos
Play Infinity Blade II
Open Facebook

Siri Commands for Messaging

Tell (name) I'll be right there
Ask (name) "When will you be there?"
Send a message to (name)
Send a message to (name) saying ‘How about tomorrow?'
Send message to (number)
Text (name) and (name), ‘where are you?'

Siri Commands for Calendar

Set up a meeting at (time)
Set up a meeting with (name) at (time)
Meet with (name) at (time)
Set up a meeting about (description & time)
Move 3pm meeting to 4:30
Reschedule appointment with (name) to (date)
What does the rest of my day look like?
What's on my calendar?
Cancel (event)
When is my next appointment?

Siri Commands for Sports

Did (team name) win?
How did (team name) do last night?
What was the score last time (team name) played (team name)?
Show me the football scores from last night
When do (team name) play next?
What does the Premier League table look like?
Who is the highest goal scorer in the Premier League?

Siri Commands for Navigation

Navigate to (destination)
Navigate home
Navigate to work
Walking directions to (destination)
What's my next turn?
Are we there yet?
What's my ETA?
Find (place)
Show me (place)
Where is the closest (store)?
Take me home
Take me to the closest Police station
Stop navigation

Siri Commands for Twitter

Tweet (whatever you would like to tweet)
Tweet (whatever you would like to tweet) with my location
Search Twitter for (your search terms)
Show me my tweets
What's trending on Twitter?

Siri Commands for Facebook

Post to Facebook (whatever you would like to post)

Siri Commands for Movies

Where is my closest cinema?
What's playing at my closest cinema?
Show me reviews for (film)

Siri Commands for Music

Play (name of song)
Play (artist)
Play (album)
Play (playlist
Play iTunes Radio
Play more songs like this one
Don't play this song again

Siri Commands for Reminders

Add (whatever you want) to (name of list)
Remind me to call (name) at (time)
Remind me to take my medication at (time)
Read my to-do list
Remind me to call (name) when I get (destination)

Siri Commands for Email

Email (name) about (whatever you like)
New email to (name)
Check email
Any new emails from (name)
Reply to (name)

Siri Commands for Weather

What's the weather for today?
What's the weather for tomorrow?
How's the weather in (place)?
What's the weather for this evening?
Is it windy?
When is sunrise/sunset?

Siri Commands for Clock

Wake me up at (time)
Set an alarm for (time)
Turn off alarm
Delete alarm
What time is it in (place)
What is today's date?
What's the date this Saturday?

Siri Commands for Timer

Set time for five minutes
Show timer
Pause timer
Resume timer

Siri Commands for Contacts

What's (name) address?
What is (name) number?
When is my wife's birthday?
Show (name)
My mum is (name)
My brother is (name)
Call mum

Siri Commands for Notes

Note (whatever you'd like to note)
Find meeting notes
Show my notes from last week
Read my last note

Siri Commands for Settings

Turn on airplane mode
Turn on bluetooth
Make screen brighter
Go to Twitter settings
Show me privacy settings
Enable Wi-Fi
Open mail settings
Turn on Do Not Disturb

If you're looking for more Siri commands tips and tricks you can always ask 'What can you do Siri?' and a full directory will show up.

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Published: Mon, 30 Sep 2013 22:30:02 +0000