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Top 30 books recommended on Hacker News

This is a collection of the top 30 books ranked by total number of links to Amazon in Hacker News comments. Show on Amazon.com The Rent Is Too Damn High: What To Do About It, And Why It Matters More Than You Think Author: Matthew Yglesias Publisher: Simon & Schuster Number of links: 53 From […]

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Mobile app monetization mindset

Pepe Cantos, chief monetization officer and head of product at Barcelona-based publisher Social Point, does a great job at laying out his mindset when tackling the crucial topic of mobile app monetization. Know your “fun value” Without engagement, monetization is nonexistent. Before you think about ads or IAPs, be 100 percent certain that you’re creating […]

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Mobile app launch guide

This is an amazing full guide that nicely lays out all the points (with relevant tips) on how to successfully launch your mobile application. This guide goes through all of the necessary steps for validating, building, marketing, and launching your product, specifically focused on app dev. In particular, this guide covers: Helpful books and resources […]

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Google Launches Mobile Network!

Is Google about to take over the mobile space with their latest venture?!? Google’s Mobile Network … Giacomo Balli’s insight: Although this is certainly big news, we can’t pretend it’s a complete surprise. When you’re a giant like Google, the steps you take are…giant. We knew big things were about to come also from Google’s […]

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What is Big Data and why you can’t control it

Big Data is a big deal Big Data is a big deal because it has the potential of providing insight in ways we have no clue about. Big data can make connections, between very different “buckets”, and show parallels. Obviously it’s up to a human brain to draw hypothesis and/or conclusions (not to mention further […]

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Android’s market share has dropped

This is a very important piece of news: Android’s share of the smartphone market has actually dropped for the first time since 2013. Apple’s choice to release larger screen devices was smart. The idea is that new target demographics and perhaps use cases have been opened up and Apple devices are experiencing a much higher […]

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Mobile is different

Mobile requires new skills and new ways of thinking. Mobile is different. But it also can be learned if you make the right investment in your people and partner with the right training partners. Make sure you have the right strategy in place. via Hiring Mobile Engineers vs Training Engineers On Mobile – AVC.

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New book released

For a few months I’ve been working on the book “The Business of iOS App Development” with Dave Wooldridge & Taylor Pierce and it has finally been published by Apress! You can check it out here: http://amzn.to/174Hii1  

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HTML5DevConf videos

First round of HTML5Devconf Oct 2014 Videos are up. Enjoy! HTML5 Developer Conference took place during October 2014 at Moscone Center in San Francisco. There were many amazing session and finally video is available for those of you who did not have a chance to attend. Enjoy!

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PhoneGap FAQ – Hybrid mobile app development

I’ve be a follower and supporter of PhoneGap as a cross platform mobile app development tool since it’s very first days, back in 2010 (my first feature on Gizmodo). Over the years, I had the luck of witnessing its vast adoption and growing pains. I’m friends with most of the team and it’s always good […]

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