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Replicating The Secret iOS App Text Animation using HTML CSS JavaScript

Following the huge success of my previous “replicating” post regarding recreating Facebook UI on the mobile app for iPhone, I decided to do another one. 🙂 This morning I came across this article by NatashaTheRobot on recreating The Secret iOS App Text Animation using ObjectiveC (for iPhone and iPad apps). I decide to create my […]

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Recreating Facebook UI with HTML and CSS (live coding screencast tutorial)

In the following, is a screencast of me live coding in pure HTML & CSS. The goal is recreating Facebook UI mobile. As you can see this is pure hand coding, no editors, frameworks or templates; just pure HTML and CSS in notepad. Also, this is a perfect example showing why using web technologies, perhaps […]

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iTunes Connect app transfer to another account

Not long, after many people requested, Apple finally implemented iTunes Connect app transfer to another account. This means you can move from one iTunes Connect account to another, the ownership and all the rights, responsibilities and control associated with it. This addition is perfect for cases where a a distribution deal expires or there has been […]

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HTML5 geolocation zip code

A very common question you see coming up in online forums and discussion boards is regarding html5 geolocation zip code. Seems like many people want to leverage the new HTML5 geolocation API in order to retrieve a user’s zip code. 

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How to get an app made

Mobile apps are not the future, mobile apps are the present. Leveraging mobile is crucial. Whether it’s for your job or you personal life, we all have small (or large) problems that could be solved with an app. If you find yourself to be in situation, it makes sense to explore the process of conceptualizing, […]

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Phonegap app store approval

There have recently been some grumblings from the development community that Apple has rejected their PhoneGap apps for not being “native enough”. By itself, this rejection isn’t that surprising. Apple has strict rules and guidelines on what they will and will not accept into the App Store. What did surprise me is that people were […]

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Xamarin vs Titanium vs Phonegap vs Native application development

The development for Android and iOS requires obtaining the respective SDKs. On iOS, this means learning Objective-C and also learning Cocoa Touch. Android programming is very similar to Java, but with Android-specific APIs and frameworks. In addition to the native application development for these platforms, there are also several third party APIs that can assist […]

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iAd attribution for app installs

Apple very recently released the newest version of its mobile device operating system: iOS7.1 All the New iOS 7.1 Features, Improvements and Refinements (Video) http://t.co/W5etaydzrl — Giacomo Balli (@BigBalli) March 11, 2014 This is what we may call a standard update: minor UI changes, bug fixes and small enhancements here and there. However, there is […]

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Best amazon prime movies and TV shows not on netflix

Full list of Amazon Prime stuff not on Netflix. 

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What is a target market

Definition A target market is a group of customers towards which a business has decided to aim its marketing efforts and ultimately its merchandise. A well-defined target market is

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