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Innovation consultant specializing in mobile strategy

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I help traditional business owners improve productivity, enhance employee satisfaction and increase profits by optimizing their established processes. #DigitalTransformation #OpenInnovation

I help startup founders jumpstart their success. #Architecture #UA #ASO #Monetization #Performance #Feasbility

I help modern companies better understand competition and fast-track R&D. #Intelligence #ResearchAndDevelopement



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Mobile Consultant

The mobile app industry is growing at an unprecedented pace... Barely keeping up or are you leveraging all the opportunities it brings?

If you made it this far I know you have motivation, enthusiasm and drive. However, you will need a mobile consultant like me by your side to fully reap all the benefits of what technology has to offer.

Until not long ago, iPhone apps were like the very first websites: in a world where websites were few and far between, just having one was enough.  It wasn't particularly challenging to be a player in the mobile app development game without much competition. Now, as the market becomes more saturated, it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.

My years of experience in the field, combined with my MBA and business savvy, make me a shrewd ally to anyone looking to make their mark in the mobile world.

I live in San Francisco, the epicenter of the startup boom.  While I've seen some amazing concepts come to life, I've chosen not to get involve in revenue sharing, equity or similarly structured projects. Instead, I lend my technical and business know-how to early stage startups and established brands as a mobile consultant.

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Do you already have a mobile app? Make sure you know how to properly generate more downloads.

Giacomo Balli - Innovation Consultant

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This a collection of some of the numerous ideas/projects that have been conceived and developed usually on a weekend morning.







Currently working as an innovation consultant based in San Francisco. After studying in Madrid and New York, earning an MBA, he broke into the emerging mobile developing market when Apple first released the iPhone. Among one of the first successful Italian developers, Giacomo relocated to San Francisco to broaden his reach within the burgeoning tech sector. While working as part of a travel-tech startup launched in 2013, Giacomo has continued as a consultant to both independent and incubator-based startups. Confident and innovative, loves fast-paced environments collaborating with a team of professionals and experts to ship delightful, efficient products.
Giacomo's passion for progress often finds him speaking at conferences (both in the US & Europe) and teaching college courses.


Giacomo Balli - Innovation Consultant

Giacomo Balli - Innovation Consultant