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Coin Toss Extreme – The first and only coinflip game

Coin Toss Extreme - The first and only coinflip game


The first coin toss game in the AppStore, you gotta try it! "The most addictive game I tried!" - S.B. Feature Highlights: * free initial stash * beautiful graphics that bring you straight to the gambling scene * simple screen layout * amazing use of space, everything you need is there without being jammed * autobet setting to keep betting the same amount * Apple Game Center integration for both highest win and highest stash * rich coin animations when flipping * trigger the coin flip with a tap or swipe (flick) of thumb * share the game with friends within app to receive more stash * buy more chips easily * possibility to add new cool coins "I love Coin Toss Extreme, I can play coin flip anywhere!". - G.B.

Release Notes:

✔ app is now universal (iPhone &iPad)
✔ minor bug fix
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