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My Book List – Keep a collection of all your books on iPhone & iPad

My Book List - Scan ISBN barcode, create and manage your library collection database inventory


Includes Barcode scanner to make adding books super fast! "The ideal repository for book recommendations gathered from friends, reviews, and other sources, the app will locate the actual book cover and store it on its iBook-like shelf or as an entry on a list. The app can also access all the book titles, charts, covers, descriptions, and acquisition options in any of the iBookstores worldwide, Amazon, and the free texts at Google Books." A simple and beautiful layout will help you keep track of the amazing books you come across. Feature Highlights: * Create a personal library of books * Information is retrieved directly from Amazon and iBooks Store * Add manually (not via search), or SCAN BARCODE * Snap picture of cover when manually adding book * Includes charts of top books for all genres * Book Genius feature (find similar titles) * Touch link to view details for each book (and easily purchase) * Entire library is locally saved/cached * 2 different library views (grid and list) * ability to sort the list * share features * export features It's also a great help when friends and family suggest books to you and you never know where to write them down and eventually forget. "Every day you hear or read about a book that sounds interesting - and now there's an app designed to help track all those books recommendations," commented developer Giacomo Balli. "My Book List is the personalized book list of all the books you've been meaning to read, and those you've read."

Release Notes:

Ton of fixes and enhancements in this version!
Here are some of them:
- higher book limit
- fixed a typo in the tutorial screen
- made the close tutorial button easier to tap
- book covers now show properly when exporting via email
- the overall email export layout has been improved
- search field clears automatically after saving a books
- category name field clears automatically after adding
- fixed bug that wouldn't show book list right away
- fixed bug that made the background shift
- add ed sync instructions after enabling
- fixed layout bug after removing a book
- changed font color in charts screen
- fixed book details view on iPhone4 screen

Now you can manually add books!
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