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MyBookList - Keep track of your personal library

MyBookList is an iOS app to keep track of all your books.

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How can I view My Book List online?

When you visit and view your entire book list online. Username can be changed in settings screen.

How can I sync My Book List across multiple devices?

With My Book List you can easily synchronize all your books using multiple devices such as an iPhone or iPad.
This feature is called Database sync & backup and can be found in Settings → Add-ons.
After unlocking it, you will need to authenticate using your Facebook account.
Follow the same procedure on all devices, starting from the one that currently has the books saved.
Do not worry, Apple knows what you purchase and therefore will only charge you once for an unlimited number of devices. As a bonus, this feature we also keep a backup of your database in the cloud os you can always retrieve it in case your device gets lost.

I do not have Facebook, can I still enjoy Database sync & backup?

Of course! Follow the same procedure as above. The only difference is that when the Facebook login window appears, instead of providing your facebook email and password you simply tap on "Done" int he bottom left corner and input your name and email.

How can I import an external database?

If you are transitioning from a different book management app such as Bibliophilia or have any kind of basic CSV spreadsheet with all your books, you can now easily import it in My Book List.
First, enable the feature in Settings → Add-ons. After sending the CSV to yourself, simply tap on the email attachment inside the Mail app and select "Open in My Book List".
All new books will be added and the ones that were already there will have their details updated if necessary.

I have an old book that is not being recognized, how can I add it?

My Book List has a database of almost two million book titles. However, it is also true that it is virtually impossible to catalog every title ever printed. For this reason, you can also add a book manually.
After using the normal search method by typing book title in the search field, if nothing is found you will see a button appear saying "Add manually". Just tap this and provide your details, including snapping a picture of the book cover!

How can I export all my books?

If for some reason you wish to export all your books, perhaps to share with a friend, there is an easy way to do that. Simply go to Settings → Share/Export, select where you want to share (Facebook or via email) and "All Booklist". A new window will popup to complete.

Available in-app purchases

BibTeX Format Export

Export your book list in both CSV and BibTex format via email. non-consumable.

CSV Import

Import an external database, from another app or simple spreadsheet in CSV format. non-consumable.

Device Sync

Synchronize and backup you database across multiple devices. non-consumable.

Deep Details

Scan all your entered books and tries to fill in the missing details for each one. consumable.

ISBN Barcode Scanner

Start adding books much faster by simply scanning the barcode on the book. non-consumable.

Unlock App

You can added an unlimited number of books! non-consumable.

I have a suggestion/request, what can I do?

That's great! Your thoughts are extremely valuable.
Please make sure to let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions so we can make the app even better:

I love the app, is there anything I can do to help?


A review in the AppStore would be extremely appreciated!