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Google Launches Mobile Network!

Is Google about to take over the mobile space with their latest venture?!? Google’s Mobile Network … Giacomo Balli’s insight: Although this is certainly big news, we can’t pretend it’s a complete surprise. When you’re a giant like Google, the steps you take are…giant. We knew big things were about to come also from Google’s […]

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Mobile is different

Mobile requires new skills and new ways of thinking. Mobile is different. But it also can be learned if you make the right investment in your people and partner with the right training partners. Make sure you have the right strategy in place. via Hiring Mobile Engineers vs Training Engineers On Mobile – AVC.

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Mobile application download tracking solutions

For marketers responsible for promoting mobile apps, ad tracking has become a mission critical component of most app marketing programs. By being able to attribute downloads, and post-download events like in-app purchases, to the marketing source, marketers are realizing a powerful way to gain insights that drive business and deliver outstanding ROI.

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10 Mobile App Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Mobile applications are not the future, they’re the present. However, marketing and tracking are still lagging to find the best way of maximizing revenue (or ROI in general, depending on each case). Having been in the industry for a long time, here are the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them to make sure […]

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More reasons why you should have a mobile app

We already discussed when/why you need a mobile app and also how to monetize it. If you still need convincing, either for yourself or your boss, here are some more valuable  reason. Recent research shows that many executives are still searching to find the business value from big data. It can certainly be overwhelming with […]

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How to understand mobile statistics and metrics

In the tech industry, we are bombarded with numbers. Every other day there is a new study showing percentages and huge numbers that are supposed to prove or make us understanding something. Unfortunately, I feel like we are becoming desensitised to numbers and most people have problems taking away the right conclusions from such reports. […]

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Mobile Web vs. Native Apps: What are the… ARE YOU FRIGGIN KIDDIN ME?!?!

Enough already please… Yesterday I received another invitation to an event regarding the super annoying them of Mobile Web vs Native Apps (you can find it here). I’m sorry for the rant but this is becoming some sort of torture. There are plenty of comparisons, editorials, studies, abstracts, thesis, jokes, anecdotes, predictions etc on the […]

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